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Links to useful websites

Gwen Foster - Health Czar for the City of Philadelphia, PA www://www.phila.gov/fitandfun/index.html

Robert Folkenberg is the head of 衲e Himᮠ organization with evangelism as its main goal. www.sharehim.org

          Dr. Richard Hart     www.llu.edu/    www.adventisthealthinternational.org/

Steve Darmody www.morningsong.org

Rear Admiral Barry C. Black (Ret.) - "From the Hood to the Hill" www.adventistbookcenter.com


Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center. www.llu.edu/

Frank Gonzalez www.lavoz.org

Adventist World Radio www.awr2.org/

Chad Bernard www.glasschool.com

Holbrook Indian School www.hissda.org

Rebekah Liu emaikl: liu@andrews.edu

Mary Grace Gellenkanao www.a-a-m.org/

Fred & Diana Adams www.adamsamigos.net

Elaine Kennedy - "Dinosaurs, Where Did They Come From? And Where Did They Go?" is available from www.adventistbookcenter.com

Jeffery Cobb www.shelterfromthestormhome.org/

Don McLafferty www.kidsindiscipleship.org

Gary and Lynn Bartholomew www.h2oforlife.org

Moses Brown - Feed The Children Ministries www.feedourchildren.org

Pastor Doug Batchelor - Amazing Facts www.amazingfacts.org

Sandy Wyman Johnson - "Hold Me, Help Me, Heal Me" - www.thequiethour.org/

Katherine Koudele is a Professor of Animal Science www.andrews.edu/cot/animal/faculty/koudele_katherine.html

Dr. James & Sarah http://bereadventisthospital.blogspot.com
Adventist Health International involvement in Tchad www.adventisthealthinternational.org/globalpartners/tchad/tchad.html

Juanita & Merlin Kretschmar www.akeyencounter.org

Carey Carscallen - Adventist Missions Group and the School of Architecture at Andrews University www.andrews.edu/arch/programs/missions_group.html

Jabel Michelle Busl www.frontlinebuilders.org

Terry Johnsson - “Aim High” www.adventistbookcenter.com/

Esther Doss and David Trexler www.deafadventist.org

Max and Lucy Mace - Heritage www.heritagesingers.com

Del Delker www.vop.com/

Robert Folkenberg - “Share Him” www.global-evangelism.org/php/index.php

Dr. Lynn Behrens, MBBS, Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center. www.llu.edu/

Nathan Greene paintings www.hartclassics.com

DVDs of "Really Living" programs - www.AdventSource.org

Resources for caregivers for Alzheimer patients

It Is Written  www.iiw.org

Advent Home Ministry  www.adventhome.org

Hope Channel  www.hopetv.org 

Hope Channel live Hope Live

  Search for "Jack: An Incredible Life" at   www.adventistbookcenter.com 

National Neimann-Pick Disease Foundation  www.nnpdf.org

Make a Wish Foundation  www.wish.org

Ellen G. White Estate  www.whiteestate.org

For DVDs of Really Living TV programs contact Advent Source  www.adventsource.org

Adventist Media Productions  www.ampstudios.com

        Send mail to webmaster@reallyliving.tv with questions or comments about this web site.       
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