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Guests on Really Living TV


     Dr. Carlton Byrd and his wife Danielle are no strangers to tragedy. How would you react to the loss of a child? Listen to their powerful testimony of how they moved from tragedy, to acceptance, and even triumph on this episode of Really Living.

Dr. Byrd is the Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life television ministries. Visit their website at www.breathoflife.tv

     Milton Adams is a different sort of pastor. Director of the Simple Church Global Network, he is passionate about meeting people where they are, and building friendships as a small community of believers is what his ministry is all about.

For more information about Simple Church, please visit their website at www.SimpleChurchatHome.com

     Is there a certain level to which you are willing to forgive someone for causing you grief? What happens when you feel unwilling to forgive someone? You know they don't deserve it, and the fact that they are not remorseful for the pain they caused you burns you up! These are the questions Don Schneider and guest Karen Johnson explore on this episode of Really Living.

For more information about Karen, or to order a copy of her book, please visit her website at coveredandkept.com

     Marilyn Lazlo takes off on a mission trip, deep into the heart of Papua New Guinea. She went to share the Gospel with this secluded community, live with the people and to learn their language. All she has to do now is convince these former headhunters and cannibals of her intentions and see how this will all turn out.

     Cliff and Freddie Harris explain how they got involved with drug treatment and share some of the remarkable personal stories from their Drug Alternative program.

Cliff & Freddie Harris are Co-Directors of the Drug Alternative Program in Grand Terrace, CA. Their contact information is:

Drug Alternative Program, 11868 Arliss Drive, Grand Terrace, CA 92313

You can reach them by phone at 909-783-1094


     Dr. Neil Nedley shares how lifestyle changes can boost the quality of a person's life. He discusses how Heart disease is widespread in our culture but that it is fully treatable and even reversible. The Doctor also talks about his research in the area of depression, and talks about his progress curing depression without the use of commonly prescribed medications.

Dr. Nedley is the president of Weimar Institute, a Christian center for health and education in the Sierra foothills outside of Sacramento, CA. Visit their website at weimar.org

     Dr. Keith Schleifer, and his wife Kittie, share their perspective of being missionaries in a foreign country and bringing children along. Kittie explains the concern she had for the safety and welfare of her kids, while at the same time, trying to decide what the will of God was.

     Larry and Carole Colburn have a hard time with the idea of retirement! Seeking a new challenge during their "golden years", they found themselves helping turn a small, struggling church into a thriving, community-centered one.

You can get in touch with the Colburn's via email at larry@larrycolburn.com.

     Darren Wilkins is the principal of Mt. Ellis Academy, a small Christian boarding school in beautiful Montana. When the school's development director, Kevin Emmerson, has an idea to win $500,000 in a contest on Facebook, the two friends are thrust into an all-out social media campaign that will forever change their lives. Listen as they tell how the experience also affected their spiritual lives as well.

To keep up with Mount Ellis Academy, go to mtellis.com

    Art Chadwick is one of those people who never got tired of digging in the the dirt! On this episode of Really Living, you'll see why his passion for dinosaur bones keeps him young at heart.

To visit a couple of great online dinosaur museum sites, visit fossil.swau.edu or dinosaur.swau.edu

To learn more about the Dinosaur Project at Southwestern Adventist University, visit dinodig.swau.edu

origins.swau.edu is a site that deals with the issues of creation and evolution.

    As Speaker/Director of The Voice of Prophecy, Fred Kinsey is passionate about sharing his love for the Lord with all who will listen. But it hasn't always been that way. Listen as he shares some of the powerful stories from his past that have shaped who he is today.

    Joe Wheeler has blessed millions with his book series, "Christmas In My Heart". Get to know Joe a little more as he chats with Don about his childhood, early writing career, inspiration, and commitment to the Lord on this episode of Really Living.

    Ralph Spinks comes face to face with the prospect of dying. He and his wife May make take inventory and decide to make some radical changes to their life! Find out how they managed the crisis in their life and the revolutionary change that ensued.

    Viewers from the U.S. who would like to help support the East African Mission Orphanage can do so by making cheques payable to "La Sierra University Church" and mailing them to:

A Better World - USA

P.O. Box 70780

Riverside, CA 92513

please indicate on the check that it is for EAMO --- PLEASE DO NOT MAKE CHECK OUT TO A BETTER WORLD.


can make cheques payable to:

A Better World

C/O College Heights Adventist Church

103-5033 52nd Street

Lacombe, AB, T4L 2A1, Canada

please indicate on the cheque that it is for EAMO



you may contact EAMO by the following:



+254 722 221 750

    A terrible car accident leaves Gary Thurber fighting for his life. He'll share stories of the struggles he battled with and how he made it through. The life lessons he's learned about encouragement and visioning are uplifting and rewarding.

    Gary is passionate about sharing 3 Christian guidelines that changed his life, and he'd like to share them with you:

1) Be willing to enter the battle for anothers' life and salvation.

2) Release the love that God puts in our hearts.

3) Dream of what others could become in the hands of Jesus. Have a vision for their lives.

    Jordana Solari is not interested in celebrating her birthday alone! So when she wakes from her sleep having dreamt of doing something special on that day, the Holy Spirit moves her to act on that dream. What she doesn't realize is the turn of events that will carry her through the city subways and miles of walking and would eventually bring her to a spectacular finish for the day and a most enriching life experience.

You can visit her website at  www.BooksByJordi.com

    Brenda Walsh, author of "Battered to Blessed," tells a gripping and powerful story of her personal experience with domestic violence and amazing grace. She'll share her amazing journey from pain to peace and living a whole new life of incredible joy in Jesus!

If you're interested in buying her book, arranging a speaking engagement, or seeing what other exciting things are happening with Brenda's ministry, you can visit her website,  www.brendawalsh.com

    Dr. Janice Brown shares how she has learned to be grateful to God in any circumstance. She is no stranger to tragedy, but through it all her faith has helped her become an inspiration to many!

For engagements, books, tapes, foundations contributions, inspirational motivational speaking, and seminar presentations, visit  www.drjanicebrown.com/

Or write to her at

Dr. Janice Johnson Browne

P.O. Box 158

Whites Creek, Tn 37189

     Every semester in schools across America, students who persist in unacceptable behavior are dismissed. The truth is that many of these rebelling youth hold the greatest potential for service to God and society if their attitudes and behavior can be redirected. Gayle Clark gives us a glimpse of what the potentials are and how "Miracle Meadows" is patiently encouraging students and offering them goals to strive for!

If you're interested in learning more about Miracle Meadows, you can visit their website at  www.miraclemeadows.org

     What do you do when you have dreams and aspirations of one kind and God tells you to do something entirely different? Chet Damron tells of the adventurous life that awaited him when he listened to God's calling and abandoned his own ambitions.  

If you would like to receive an .mp3 audio file of Chet delivering the Gettysburg Address in character as Abe Lincoln, please request it by email to info@reallyliving.tv

     Virgina-Gene Rittenhouse recounts her life story in the world of music, working with renown musicians and orchestras throughout the world. Her work with noted composers, such as John Rutter continues to this day. Her delightful stories of God's blessings, and miraculous turns of events at times, will capture your imagination. Aspiring artists will not want to miss this one.

     Douglas Mehling faces one of life's most difficult circumstances. Muscular dystrophy presents Douglas with some pretty tough obstacles. Rita, his mother, shares stories of their journey through some of Douglas' toughest times. Then when he tells her what he wants to do in life, Rita is surprised and taken aback! Now, how would they together accomplish such lofty goals?

    Allen & Kelley Fowler decided that they could do more, so they left their home in Tennessee and moved to Page, AZ, where Allen grew up. They saw tremendous need with the Navajo people, and determined that they can help. They share some of the trials, challenges, and blessings of ministering to a people of great need.

Visit their website at  www.navajooutreach.org

    It seems more challenging to bring someone to Christ when they feel no need for Him. Bill McClendon, at the top of his game and a successful career, finds himself faced with an unexplainable emptiness. What was that void and how would his quest to fill it turn into a dramatic journey for him and his family?

    A Maasai teacher finds himself on the deathbed and has a dream promising to heal him if he would only turn his heart to God. Little did he know, that decision would change his direction in life forever. Find out how Golden Lapani, by God's grace, found life after death and helped bring others to Christ because of his decision to follow Him.  

If you would like to support Golden, we have set up an account in his name for you to send a donation. Simply address your check to Adventist Media Center. Please note that it is a donation for Golden Lapani in the memo field. You can mail it to:

Really Living

c/o Adventist Media Productions

101 W. Cochran St.

Simi Valley, CA 93065

    Alan Collins, a sculptor, has had a profound impact on many people with his artwork. Many of the stories we would never have heard, until now. Doctor Collins joins Don Schneider at the Monterey Sculpture Center in Marina California, where he shares some of his touching and sometimes humorous stories. You'll also get a delightful and very interesting tour of the foundry as well.  

    Dr. Walter Thompson shares remarkable stories of a life lived in service for God.  

You can order his recent book, "Memories of a Missionary Doctor," online  here.

    In 1994, just as the political environment boiled over in Rwanda, life changed dramatically and everyone feared for their lives. A mass murder of an estimated 800,000 people ensued and Carl and Theresa Wilkens, along with their three children, serving as missionaries, found themselves in this milieu. Find out how God helped them navigate through the treacherous landscape and led them to be instrumental in supplying relief to the oppressed, abandoned and forgotten. Visit their website at  www.worldoutsidemyshoes.org

    On an ultralight flight gone awry, Don Hales suddenly finds his life turned upside down. Paralyzed from the waist down, he tries to reconcile this traumatic event and a series of other devastating incidents with God's plan for his life. Don't miss this encouraging testimony of a life changed despite the worst of circumstances.  

    Delbert Pearman traces God's work through his life as a missionary. We hope you enjoy Delbert's adventurous travelogue and how he ended up leaving the mission field with an added family member! 

    Sherilyn Gibbs is a certified midwife. Her role in helping expecting mothers through painful deliveries can sometimes be fraught with a great deal of emotional pain as well. Find out how Sherilyn is able to share the gospel message of God's love during those moments and how many of the women react to her openness. 

    Dave and Beverly are helping those in desperate situations, children who have lost their parents and those without a chance. Visit   www.Banglahope.org  for more information on how you can be a part of this vital mission. 

    Dr. Lilia Loredo a Radiation Oncologist, and Don Schnieder discuss Don's recent battle with a debilitating condition. Doctor Loredo explains the challenge and how they managed a treatment plan. She explains the prominent role of Loma Linda Hospital, and then her own personal mission to help those she can reach with her special skills. 

    With the World as their mission field Bob and Sherry Lemon share stories from a lifetime of experiences.  


      Dr. Leonard Bailey. Baby Fae's surgeon shares how he came to pioneer infant heart transplants and why it is still a passion today.


     Juan Prestol. Join us as this native of the Dominican Republic shares stories from his service for God around the World.

     Jim Ayer - Exciting stories from the files of Adventist World Radio.

         Being married to pastors, both Cheryl Retzer and Betty Ann Trevino have heard a lot of preaching in their lives, but they never considered preaching themselves. All that changed when they decided to become “International Evangelists.” Join us to learn about their experiences with Share Him in the country of Rwanda.

For more information on Share Him visit the website. Click here  www.sharehim.org

        As the principal of a large school, Chad Bernard has a lot on his plate, none the least of which is the education of his students. But he believes strongly that education should be about more than just the 3 R's. Join us this Friday as Chad shares the role prayer plays in both his life and the lives of his staff and students.
To visit Chad's school online - click here: www.glasschool.com

        As a Christian financial planner, Ed Reid puts a special emphasis on stewardship and our responsibility with God's money. Join us to discover his tips for debt reduction and how sound money management plays a part in investing for your eternal future.

       Janet Claymore-Ross is the principal of Holbrook Indian School. As the first native person to hold the position she has unique insights to the lives of the young people she comes in touch with on a daily basis. Tune in as she shares stories from her first year there and visit the school online at www.hissda.org.

      Dr. David and Janet Wilkins’ youngest son Monte was aboard Swiss Air 111 when it crashed near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. How can a family recover from the devastating loss and learn to trust God even more? For more information or to order copies of their book, "United by Tragedy", visit www.adventistbookcenter.com

      Herbert Blomstedt is well-known and respected as a conductor of premier symphonies worldwide. Tune in to learn how his faith intersects with his profession and discover how he sees music as a mission.

          David Jamieson has infected his congregation with a passion for community outreach. Their creative approaches have had amazing results. You’ll be challenged to do the same in your community as you join us for this inspiring program.

           Elder Royce Williams has dedicated his life to sharing God’s love at every opportunity. And after a staggering number of trips around the world doing just that, he’s also collected some very memorable stories. Join us to hear some of the lighter side of mission evangelism as well as some of the hardships.

      Rebekah Liu joins us to share personal stories and experiences from ministry work in China. For more information on China or to learn how you can help with the ministry work there, please contact Rebekah. You can call her at (269) 471-6471 or e-mail her at liu@andrews.edu

      Concert pianist Mary Grace Gellenkanao was born with a congenital absence of part of her right forearm. Now when people see her perform they tell her, through teary eyes, that they see God's marvelous work through her playing. To learn more about Mary Grace and Adopt A Minister click here: http://www.a-a-m.org/Index.html

    The son of a Cuban dissident, Frank Gonzalez is a leading evangelist throughout the Spanish speaking world. Join us as he shares stories from his life and the lives of those he’s come into contact with. To visit him online, click www.lavoz.org (Note: this website is currently only available in Spanish.)


        An accident left him paralyzed, but Fred Adams doesn’t let that stop him from Really Living. Join Fred and his wife Diana as they share their experiences from Southern Mexico. For more information or to contact the Adams family, visit   www.adamsamigos.net

        Sayuri Ruiz: From the time she was a little girl Sayuri Ruiz knew she wanted to be a missionary. But she never thought she’d end up in Kazikstan. Join us as she shares her experiences in the 10-40 window.

        Dr. Ganoune Diop: Relationships are always important but perhaps never so much as when they impact our spiritual growth. Join us as Dr. Ganoune Diop shares the importance of communicating grace through reconciliation to build relationships here on earth that will last for all eternity


Jim McClelland is an artist as well as an art professor at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Join us as he shares how this combination has helped him to be Really Living


Join us as Sandy Wyman Johnson discusses the tragic death of her son Trevor, how God carried her through that experience and how He will do the same for you.

      Elaine Kennedy is a scientist and a Christian. How can she walk the line between the two and has science caused her to question her faith? And how do dinosaur bones relate to all of this?   Her book, "Dinosaurs, Where Did They Come From? And Where Did They Go?" is available from www.adventistbookcenter.com.

      Jeffery Cobb spent much of his youth in and out of the Florida State prison system. But after giving his life over to Christ while in prison, he didn't find any support system for his new faith once he was paroled. Now he operates a Christian halfway house for other parolees. Learn more about his story and this fascinating ministry on this episode of REALLY LIVING. To visit his ministry online, visit www.shelterfromthestormhome.org/


      Bryan & Mindy Schwarz lead a ski camp ministry for blind young people. Hear their fascinating stories and meet one of the campers. For more information or to help with their camp, please visit www.christianrecord.org.


      Don McLafferty had job responsibilities that seemed all-important. But what his children said one day changed those priorities. Now he’s convinced that parents are called to disciple their children for Christ and he has a program designed to help parents do just that. Learn about KID University and discover how this ministry may be useful in your church. If you would like more information, please visit them online at www.kidsindiscipleship.org.    

      Gary and Lynn Bartholomew: two brothers in Washington state decided their well expertise could be helping others. Now they drill wells in the mission fields of Guatemala and change lives. After watching the program, if you would like to learn how you can be a part of this miracle ministry, please visit their website at www.h2oforlife.org

     Moses Brown  tells the story of a life born into tragedy and changed through the power of Jesus. Now Moses Brown is Really Living providing a "second chance" to hungry people with Feed The Children Ministries. For more information click www.feedourchildren.org

      Stanley & Ruth Ann Cottrell bring early Adventist history alive. If you would like more information or are interested in scheduling an Adventist History Seminar in your church, please visit the Cottrells online at www.sdahistory.com

     Legendary preacher-evangelist, Earl E. Cleveland joins Don Schneider on Really Living.   Dr. Cleveland has over 58 years of service in gospel ministry, has conducted over 60 public evangelistic campaigns and has trained over 1,100 ministers worldwide.  He has preached on 6 continents, visited over 67 countries, and authored at least 14 books.  Don't miss this interview with one of the best-known Seventh-day Adventist evangelists.

    Dr. Popkow and Jan Kaatz join us to share their unique ministry.  Together they minister to former gang members in their community with a tattoo removal program.  Lives are changed as a result and the change is more than skin deep.  Join us to hear exciting stories of transformation and how these men are Really Living.

    Pastor Doug Batchelor joins us to tell the story of his life.  He'll share stories from his rebellious teenage years and reveal how he came to live in a cave, despite having the financial means for nearly any opportunity he chose.  Learn what drove him to place a life serving God above everything else.  You can learn more about his ministry, Amazing Facts, by visiting their website  www.amazingfacts.org  http://www.amazingfacts.org

    She may be a well-known pastor now, but Hyveth Williams wasn't always REALLY LIVING.  Join us as she shares some breathtaking stories from her life.  From growing up and taunting other Christians to an actress and then a civic leader, Hyveth Williams shares her life story and why she's grateful to be REALLY LIVING now.

    Duane McBride - looks beyond the details of his research and statistics to discover practical applications for data in the Christian experience.  Discover what the numbers have to say and what each Christian can do to improve them.

      Dr. Joan Coggin joined us to discuss her years traveling abroad with Loma Lindaਥart transplant team.  Her captivating storytelling brings their experiences alive.

    Join us as Sandy Wyman Johnson tells the story of the tragic death of her son Trevor, how God carried her through that experience and how He will do the same for you.  (Her book, "Hold Me, Help Me, Heal Me" is available from "The Quiet Hour" - click on The Quiet Hour or call The Quiet Hour in California - 1 (800) 900-9021.

      Ron Halvorsen Sr. discusses his action-packed years in the "Beachcombers" gang of Long Island.  Join us to discover what made the difference in his life and how he became a sought-after evangelist. 

      Katherine Koudele is a Professor of Animal Science at Andrews University.  She believes many spiritual lessons can be learned by observing the animal kingdom.  Some of them may surprise you.  To learn more about Katherine, visit her online at http://www.andrews.edu/cot/animal/faculty/koudele_katherine.html

   Dr. James Appel and his wife Sarah are a medical missionary team of two working in a remote area of Africa.  Learn what brought this young couple to be living in primitive conditions with the local people in a forgotten corner of Africa.  To read more recent stories from James & Sarah, please visit their blog at  http://bereadventisthospital.blogspot.com.   For more information about Adventist Health International and their involvement in Tchad, visit http://www.adventisthealthinternational.org/globalpartners/tchad/tchad.html

     Join us as we meet Juanita & Merlin Kretschmar and hear some stories from their amazing ministry in Key West, Florida.  Their science center tourist attraction presents hundreds of people with "A Key Encounter" with Christ.  Watch our program to hear their stories and visit their center on line at www.akeyencounter.org

   REALLY LIVING is sad to announce that Merlin Kretschmar passed away December 5, 2007.  His life of  REALLY LIVING has touched countless lives and he will be missed.

     Join us as we meet Minnie McNeil and she shares with us the harrowing story of her son's incarceration and how God can bring great things from the times of stress and sorrow.

     Carey Carscallen is Director of the School of Architecture at Andrews University.  But there's much more to this talented man than merely teaching others how to design buildings.  Join us as we take a look at what he has accomplished for God in his life and how he's helping others to do the same.  Visit  http://www.andrews.edu/arch/programs/missions_group.html  for more information about Adventist Missions Group and the School of Architecture at Andrews University.

        Ralph Carmichael is a name many people recognize, even if they堮ot sure why.  But thereய mistaking the songs he has composed.  Hear the stories behind some of the most beloved Christian songs including 襠Savior is Waitingᮤ ѵiet Place.p;

        If Living a healthy lifestyle seems daunting, imagine trying to energize an entire city to live healthy.  That's the job description for Gwen Foster, Health Czar for the City of Philadelphia, PA.  Through her creative leadership, city statistics of healthy living have significantly improved.  Join us as she shares tips we can each adopt into our daily lives.  To learn more about her tips for healthy living, please visit http://www.phila.gov/fitandfun/index.html.

        Alvin Kibble was living life the best he knew.  Then suddenly his world stopped when his doctor told him he had cancer.  Join us as he shares his testimony of recovery and how the experience has impacted him.

        Living in Africa might not be something you feel called to experience.  Yet for Jabel Busl and his wife Michelle, they can't imagine anything different.  What compels them to live this life in a foreign land?  Tune in to hear their incredible story of mission.  For more information or to be come involved in their ministry, please visit  www.frontlinebuilders.org.

    Surviving nearly 17 years of childhood sexual abuse, Audray Johnson has made it her mission to reach out to others in similar situations.  What are signs that someone might be abused, and how should Christians respond to this crisis?   (To obtain more information on this important topic or to receive related materials, please contact Audray Johnson's office at  (951) 509-2259)

    Terry Johnsson is a former guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier and the White House, Terry is now a pastor at a large church.  His inspiring story is also available in the book 魠High稩ch is available online at www.adventistbookcenter.com http://www.adventistbookcenter.com/

      What are some common mis-perceptions about Christ within the deaf community?  And how do deaf people learn about Jesus?  Esther Doss and David Trexler join us to share valuable insight into this frequently overlooked mission field.  For more information, or to learn about witnessing tools, please visit www.deafadventist.org

      How did Matthew Bediako, a young man from a small village in Ghana, come to be adopted by the king of his region?  Hear this and other fascinating stories as Really Living introduces you to Matthew and Elizabeth Bediako.

  For this program on Really Living JoAnn Davidson joined us to answer the question, 㠴here anything to be learned from the Jewish traditions for the Sabbath?殢sp;The answer might surprise you!

   More than 30 years ago Max and Lucy Mace began the Heritage Singers in Portland Oregon.  During those years God has worked some incredible miracles and changed countless lives.  We hear some fascinating stories from their years touring with this musical ministry.  www.heritagesingers.com

    Mikhail Kulakov relates an amazing story of how God cared for him through years of imprisonment and persecution during his life as a Christian minister in the former Soviet Union. 

   Herb Larsen, Jr.says that committing one hour of time to God daily is the beginning of Really Living.  He continues to have surprising opportunities to witness of what Jesus has done for him and can do for others.

   Marti Schneider joins Don to discuss her style of daily Bible study and the incredible impact it has made on her life.

    For most people, being the chancellor of a world-class teaching hospital would be enough to fill your day.  But for Dr. Richard Hart, his passion for medical mission work has taken him to the farthest reaches of the globe. Meet Dr. Hart and learn more about Loma Linda University and Adventist Health International.

  Steve Darmody has a talent for singing.  But it wasn࡬ways easy.  Learn how he overcame his fears to use his talents for God. If you are interested in contacting Steve, please visit his website:  http://www.morningsong.org

     Barbara Taylor was living the high life, but she felt she was missing something.   Her life changed when she made the decision to plant a church in Copper Mountain, CO. 

    Joe and Clara Cavallaro were a happily married couple with a successful business.  They were active in their church and had a passion for working with young people.  But one day an accident instantly changed all that.  We learned how they overcame this tremendous obstacle to continue REALLY LIVING.

   Dr. Jack Blanco wrote The Clear Word paraphrase as part of his daily Bible study and his faith in God has given him the ability to be REALLY LIVING time and again.

    Del Delker committed her life to sharing the gospel message through song.  Tune in to hear some of the amazing, inspiring and sometimes funny stories from her years as a musical evangelist.

     Robert Folkenberg is the head of ᠴarget="_blank" href="http://www.sharehim.org">Share Him,ᮠorganization with evangelism as its main goal.  He is convinced that each person is capable of being an evangelist, and he is constantly seeking people who desire to share the gospel around the world.  But in addition to spreading the gospel, those who volunteer to be evangelists report their lives are dramatically changed also.

     Dr. Lynn Behrens, MBBS, is at the forefront (President & CEO) of one of the most recognizable names in Adventism.   Her life experiences helped to prepare her in unique ways for leadership of Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center.   www.llu.edu/


   Nathan Greene has a talent for painting and he uses his gift only for Christian purposes.  We saw some of his work and learned how his paintings have impacted others.  See some of his work at the website www.hartclassics.com


     On June 27, 2003, Rear Admiral Barry C. Black (Ret.) was elected the 62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate.  Read more about his incredible life and how he is REALLY LIVING in his book, "From the Hood to the Hill" available from adventistbookcenter.com/



    Dr. Linda Caviness researched the inner workings of the brain and discovered that we are literally "wired" for a relationship with God.


    Malcolm Maxwell was enjoying his retirement. But when an insidious disease struck his wife, the routine of his day to day life was dramatically altered.   Click here for more resources for caregivers.    (NOTE:  D. Malcolm Maxwell, president emeritus of Pacific Union College, passed away on Monday, October 1, 2007, at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was 73 years old.   Maxwell was the first PUC alumnus to serve as president, and he had the longest tenure—18 years—of any president. He retired from the presidency in 2001 but continued to work at PUC as a professor in the religion department until 2006. In April of 2007, Maxwell and Eileen, his wife of nearly 52 years, were in the process of moving to Scottsdale to be near family when Eileen passed away.)


    Jerry & Janet Page attribute dramatic events in their life and the lives of those around them to the amazing power of prayer.


       Shawn Boonstra is the speaker/director of the international It Is Written Television ministry.  He and his wife, Jean have a passion for ministry.

       Blondel Senior has a passion for helping troubled teens.  His Advent Home ministry only takes in young men with attention deficit disorders (A.D.D.)  (DVD available click here).


Jose Rojas survived growing up in the gang area of Los Angeles. (DVD available click here).


Brenda Maldonado, a pastor's wife who overcame a lifetime of struggle and doubt. (DVD available click here).


As a boy Jack Blanco found himself in a Nazi labor camp.  Read about this amazing story in his book, "Jack: An Incredible Life" available from the Adventist Book Center at   www.adventistbookcenter.com 

Dr. Rod and Donna Willey run a successful dental practice in rural Illinois.  When their employees showed interest in studying the Bible, their lives began a spiritual journey they hadn࡮ticipated.  (DVD available click here).

    Dr. Bernie Irwin has a passion for helping young people involved in gangs.  Learn how this university professor has developed a ministry to reach these troubled kids.


Church administrator, Pastor Larry Caviness, questioned God when he prayed for healing for his son but he died of a rare disease.




Jim Nix(Director of the Ellen G. White Estate) with little-known stories from the life of Ellen G. White. (DVD available click here).


Links to useful websites
Nathan Greene paintings www.hartclassics.com
DVDs of "Really Living" programs - www.AdventSource.org
Resources for caregivers for Alzheimer patients
It Is Written  www.iiw.org
Advent Home Ministry  www.adventhome.org

National Neimann-Pick Disease Foundation  www.nnpdf.org

Make a Wish Foundation  www.wish.org

  Search for  "Jack: An Incredible Life"  at   www.adventistbookcenter.com 

Ellen G. White Estate  www.whiteestate.org

Hope Channel  www.hopetv.org

Adventist Media Productions  www.ampstudios.com


        Send mail to info@reallyliving.tv with questions or comments about this web site.       
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